New Mom Support Groups

New Mom Support Groups with STACY-ANN LOUIE

Hi, I'm Stacy-Ann Louie, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Childbirth Educator, Doula & mother of five great kids! I offer these support groups for new Duluth & metro Atlanta area moms as a place to gather, share ideas and concerns with others who are experiencing similar things. It's meant to be transformative.


Sisters Supporting Sisters


This is a private group is for black pregnant and postpartum mothers. We are here to help you talk about what you are experiencing with other women like you in a safe space. You will connect with other mothers while being supported.

You will learn useful tools and resources to help you move through stress, adjusting to the demands of parenting, mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. We want to support you to live your best life.

We meet 1st and 3rd Thursdays by zoom from 7pm to 8pm. Please sign up to gain entrance to the group.


Breastfeeding Support Group


This group is for parents who are feeding breastmilk to their baby. We provide continued support to you to help you meet your breastfeeding goals. So whether you are a first-time mother, mother-to-be, second- or third-time mother — this is the place to be.

We meet by zoom every Tuesday from 7pm to 8pm. Please use the link below to sign up for the group.

"In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves."

Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn